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What We Do

As documentary filmmakers we hold the truth in high regard. Our Victim Impact Documentaries are effective because they demonstrate the full weight of your client's injury.  In a 15 to 20 minute video, we contrast your client's life before the injury to your client's life after in a way that is objective and fair.  

We only stick to the facts.  We are compassionate and thorough.  


Our goal is to help lawyers get fair settlements for their clients.

The Process

Keeping accounts
Understanding Your Case


Has your case generated boxes of files and reports? Hand them over to us and we'll sift through them to familiarize ourselves with your client. From here, we'll generate a thorough list of interview questions. Laid out in chronological order, these questions will help your client, their friends, family and any relevant medical experts paint a picture of how your client's life has changed due to the injury. Our questions will also lead them through the specifics of the accident and any medical procedures they've undergone. ​At this stage we'll also gather family photos, video and other materials that will help bolster your case.

Interview Time_edited.jpg
Meeting Your Clients


Speaking to an interviewer at length about their experiences can often be a cathartic  - and emotional - experience for your client. Our interviewer and cameraperson will travel to their home and set aside the time to make sure they, and all interview subjects, feel comfortable and at ease. This is your client's opportunity to tell their story. As we go through our lists of questions, we make sure we're getting the facts of their case. But we also see it as our job to listen objectively and compassionately  to what your client has to say.  We then thoroughly document your client's daily struggles, the difficulties they face, the treatments they have, the pain they experience, all demonstrated on camera.

Video Editing Keyboard
Telling the Story


Showing the true impact an injury has had on your client is a product of good editing. We lay down the bones of the story conveyed to us in the interviews and video documentation, then hand-pick family photos, video and sound-bites that show the contrast of their life before the injury to their life after. Once this rough edit is assembled, we'll send it to you for review. From here we'll create the final edit, sweeten image quality and sound. The result is a succinct video that sticks to the facts and gives your client's story a human face.

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