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Meet the team

Robert Fantinatto
Production Supervisor

Robert Fantinatto is a Toronto-based documentary filmmaker.  After obtaining his Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University in 1989, he has worked as a cinematographer, editor, producer and director in both the broadcast television field and in documentary.  He recently completed his first feature-length documentary which has enjoyed world-wide distribution. For over 20 years, he’s made his talents as a filmmaker available to the legal profession, his “Victim Impact Documentaries” have been used to great effectiveness in many cases, helping negotiate just settlements.  Robert also worked with the Toronto Guns and Gangs Task Force on Project Green Apple, preparing audio visual and surveillance footage for the ​Boxing Day Shooting trial.

Robert's other work as a Filmmaker can be found here:

Dani Flynn

Dani Flynn has worked as an Independent Producer for the last 10 years, based out of Toronto, Canada.  Her teams have created exciting, thought provoking and entertaining film and television. Having extensive knowledge of pre-production, production and post-production (both in fiction and documentary) she has had the opportunity to work in collaboration with various production companies including Paul Kemp Productions, Stornoway Productions, Smart Edge Co and THA Media Inc-in association with broadcasters such as CBC, Bravo, Discovery, PBS, TVO, Vision TV and ichannel.


A large part of Dani's experience as a producer has been telling stories of diversity in culture, ability or education through film and television.

Dani's other work as a Producer/Director and Storyteller can be found here:

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